Sunday, March 15

Oh Nina! (aka Nina Las Vegas, Nina-nina-palachinka, Neeners)

Oh my goodness, my little Nina is turning 1 very soon!

Here she is:

She wasn't always this cute. Kidding! Of course she was always this cute, she is the cutest and happiest and best baby ever. I am hoping that if she sees this one day she will be able to appreciate the fact that I devoted 7 minutes of my very precious time to a stunning collage CONTAINING PHOTOS OF ONLY HER. When I reach those hard parenting moments and have to explain why she can't exclusively eat "just" a Kinder Egg for dinner every night, like her brother, I will think back to this moment to remind me HEY I TRIED MY BEST LOOK A COLLAGE.

She came into our lives during a pretty hard time, and I wrote something about that over at BLOOM. You can read it, or not. Once again, do whatever you want! I can't make you read things!

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