Tuesday, January 27


Oh hello. I am in the middle of a sleep deprivation nightmare. Soon to be resolved by a visit to the pediatrician, I hope. I am about to abandon all attempts at creating paragraphs. As I have very important stuff to say, I'm going to switch to point-form now:

1) There exists a wonderful children's rehabilitation hospital in Toronto called Holland-Bloorview.

2) If you are connected to the Holland-Bloorview world, you get to read a magazine called BLOOM. (It's delivered to your door and everything)

3) The BLOOM magazine also has a great website and blog, with resources for special-needs families. You should check it out here.

4)  I wrote a little ditty about our winter quarantine for the blog:


5) I am going to bed now.

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  1. Thanks so much for telling your readers about BLOOM! I just included your piece in our e-letter. Do you receive that?